Unlocking Desktop Interaction Data’s value: A new era of TechM-Soroco partnership

Soroco Illuminated 2023 filled in as the setting for this fantastic declaration. The occasion united a distinguished gathering of Soroco’s Global System Integrator (GSI) accomplices, combining on a common vision for the fate of Soroco’s Task Mining technology. This state-of-the-art technology, often concealed in the shadows of the endeavour scene, can change how organizations work.

TechM’s Wonderful Journey with Soroco

Tech Mahindra’s journey as a strategic partner with Soroco has been downright noteworthy. In the past couple of years, TechM has vigorously developed broad skills in Soroco task mining, becoming a pioneer in the field. The devotion and development of TechM’s task mining COE practice have not slipped through the cracks. As a demonstration of their unflinching responsibility, Soroco has presented to Tech Mahindra the renowned title of a certified Platinum partner of Soroco.

This certificate is a demonstration of Tech Mahindra’s extraordinary performance and commitment to excellence. It is an acknowledgement of the critical steps TechM has taken in propelling Soroco’s task-mining capacities. As Tech Mahindra keeps on serving a variety of clients across different industry verticals around the world, this grant remains an achievement, for TechM as well as for Soroco.

Unleashing the Force of Task Mining

Task Mining is ready to be a unique advantage for endeavours around the world. It can possibly reveal insight into previously neglected domains of enterprise data. The cooperation between Tech Mahindra and Soroco is set to explore this potential, offering organizations inventive answers to smooth out their activities, improve efficiency, and drive development.

Tech Mahindra welcomes you to go along with us on this extraordinary journey. Find the undiscovered force of Task Mining, investigate TechM’s examples of overcoming adversity, and uncover how this association can carry noteworthy strategic benefits to your business.

The Path ahead

With this accreditation close by, Tech Mahindra is ready for the next phase of its partnership with Soroco. The attention will be on growing the scope of use cases for task mining across various industry areas. TechM is focused on furnishing clients with strong incentives to influence the extraordinary force of Task Mining.

In addition, Tech Mahindra is committed to supporting the task mining center of excellence, guaranteeing a more than adequate pool of assets to fulfil the developing need. This essential move lines up with TechM’s objective of conveying excellent support to its esteemed clients.

The platinum association between Tech Mahindra and Soroco is a demonstration of the exceptional capacities of both organizations. Together, they are set to transform the landscape of enterprise interaction data, offering organizations exceptional opportunities for development and effectiveness. As Tech Mahindra embarks on this intriguing journey, they welcome you to be a part of the change and investigate the limitless capability of task mining.

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